Friday, September 18, 2009

Non-toxic Cleansers

A few years ago I grew tired of the conventional cleansers after realizing I was spraying a surface to effectively kill every microbe present, and then preparing food upon the same surface. In my opinion, our society has been entirely too focused on destroying the bad, rather than bringing in the good, though the green movement appears to be changing that. I still have yet to get an answer from someone keen on constantly disinfecting the entire house with bleach to tell me what a “germ” actually is.

Here are a few of my favorite brands:

Seventh Generation
I have been really enjoying the non-toxic offerings out there. My favorite brand by far is Seventh Generation, though their products are a bit pricey. The quite generically labeled “Natural All Purpose Cleaner” is a staple in my home. It cuts greasy residue easily and leaves a clean, odorless shimmer behind. The best part is that you can wash a multitude of surfaces with just one product (I have a weakness for being able to simultaneously use counter cleansers on mirrors and glass surfaces). The Seventh Generation line instills me with a sense of confidence, bolstered by the fantastic e-newsletter they send me every so often, which is full of fascinating information and news.

Having tightened my purse strings as of late, I decided to try a less costly multi-surface cleanser. One day my boyfriend noted the appeal of the Method product packaging. I hadn’t even noticed their section due to my blind Seventh Generation loyalty. I purchased the cucumber-scented “All Surface Cleaner”. It took a little getting used to, for the scent is rather overpowering. I felt as though I was shampooing my hair rather than cleaning my kitchen. But after a while, I grew to love it. If you dislike strong scents, this line is not for you.

When it comes to floors, I adore Ecover’s floor soap. It contains linseed oil, but I use it regularly on linoleum floors without encountering any sticky deposits. It has such a light, delightful fragrance, and dries to a lovely shine. I also have Ecover’s dishwashing liquid sitting on my kitchen sink and find a little goes a very long way.

I very much enjoy using non-toxic products. I’m starting to get the same thrill when I am shopping for them as when I’m in a fancy store selecting scented body washes and lotions.

I’m almost excited to get home and clean. Almost.

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