Monday, September 21, 2009

Best and Worst Vegetarian Destinations

Restaurant dining can pose a challenge for many vegetarians, and when traveling, eating out is often the only option. Visiting a veggie-friendly place like Ghent, Belgium can make traveling easier. But head to a country where meat is king, and you may encounter tougher dinner decisions. has compiled a list of the “Top Five Worst Places for Vegetarians and Vegans”. Here they are, in reverse order:

5. Central Asia

Even vegetable soup may contain large pieces of meat.

4. Cuba

Plain dishes like rice may be flavored with bits of pork.

3. Germany

Bacon can, and most likely will, be lurking everywhere.

2. Spain claims that there may be a discrepancy over what even constitutes meat. If you’re a vegetarian you’ve undoubtedly been asked, “But don’t you eat chicken?” so you’ll know exactly what that means.

1. Mexico

Deemed the worst place for vegetarian travel, Mexico provides a particularly difficult challenge for vegans, due to their substantial use of cheese.

So where the heck are you gonna go?

Earlier this year, “Go Green Travel Green” listed the ten best vegetarian travel destinations. Southeast Asia occupies quite a few of the slots, which may be attributable to the high Buddhist populace in these areas. Listed in alphabetical order:


Hong Kong






United Kingdom

United States


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