Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vegetarian Sausages to Die For (but no one died for)

My apologies for the cheesy headline.  I'm tired...But I did want to share with you this fantastic recipe for vegetarian sausages:

Get the full recipe here at the Everyday Dish TV Internet Channel.

Oh my goodness, is this stuff great.  I was going to get a picture for you of the finished product inside a nice meal of "sausage" and peppers with rice, but the darn phone rang and before I knew it, I had consumed the entire thing.

Anyway, this vegetarian sausage recipe is highly recommended, as are many of the recipes on Everyday Dish TV.  Many videos and recipes here are free, but there is a rather high subscription fee to view the entire site.  Regardless, kudos to Everyday Dish for putting together some great info.  It also features Joni Newman, whose recipes I have been following for a couple of years at her Just the Food blog.