Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kent, CT's Wasabi - a Great Place for Vegetarians

The Wasabi Restaurant in Kent, Connecticut is an excellent choice for vegetarians craving an Asian meal. Wasabi serves not only the expected sushi dishes (complete with a sushi bar), but offers Chinese and Thai options as well.

Food from typical “fast-food” style Chinese restaurants can ironically vary in quality from one day to the next – but also taste as if it was prepared in a giant vat of unpalatable sauce. At Wasabi, meals do not taste as processed as standard Chinese take-out fare. The offerings are consistently good, and it is clear the dishes are made with care and fresh ingredients.

There is an extensive variety for vegetarian customers, all at affordable prices. Among the choices are:

Ma Po Spicy Bean Curd: $8.45
Vegetable Udon: $9.95
Tofu Teriyaki: $11.95
Vegetable Tempura: $11.95
Vegetable Roll (sushi): $4.25
Vegetable Pad Thai: $8.95
General Tso’s Tofu: $9.95 (highly recommended)

For an appetizer, it is almost compulsory to try the Tofu Skin ($2.25) – which might not sound appetizing, but is quite delicious. Vegetarians who have shied away from sushi bars thinking they will have no options should sample vegetable based sushi. At Wasabi, there are a few rolls to choose from: the large vegetable roll or the smaller cucumber, pickled radish or avocado rolls.

It should be noted that their Japanese and Chinese selections are considerably tastier than the Thai.

Unfortunately, Wasabi does not have a website, but you can call for take-out at (860) 927-0048. You won’t need to worry about making reservations, as there is ample available seating.

If you find yourself in Litchfield County, you are strongly urged to visit Wasabi, which is located at 24 South Main Street (Route 7) in Kent. Non-vegetarians will surely enjoy their meal as well.

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