Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mommy, Where Does Tofu Come From?

Many people have no idea how tofu is made. Others know it comes from soybeans, but not much beyond that.

Tofu, also known as “bean curd” (as you may have seen on Chinese food menus), is basically coagulated soy milk that has been pressed for a firmer texture.

Making tofu at home only takes a few steps. If a soy milk maker is used, that will eliminate a few of the steps and greatly cut down on the effort required.

Some tofu recipes tend to get a little convoluted for the novice, so here is a quick, bare bones version of the process:

· Soak soybeans
· Rinse and drain beans
· Put beans in a blender with more water
· Blend completely
· Strain soy pulp from soy milk (discard pulp)
· Boil soy milk
· Add coagulant (which is usually either calcium sulfate, nigari or lemon juice)
· Let rest for a few minutes
· Strain whey
· Place curds into tofu press lined with cheesecloth
· Cover with heavy object for 15 – 35 minutes, depending on desired texture
· Uncover and enjoy!

Tofu should be stored in water, and the water should be changed daily.

A great video demonstration

and a more in depth view of the entire procedure.

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